Forever Starstruck..

Stars..they are just tiny pin pricks on a vast stretch of canvas..
And yet..when hundreds of them come together, it is a sight to behold..
They are of every shade, every hue..
Some of them bright, some of them faint..
But each one shines with all its might..
You just look at it and can do nothing but marvel at the stunning sight your eyes feast upon..
A smile plays on your lips as you try to capture this heavenly rapture in the camera of your mind..
The stars help to remind us that we are a part of this beautiful universe, that we can also shine when the time is right..
I really wonder how..but looking at the stars each night makes us think differently..
It helps us to broaden our push our limits.
And they also teach us countless things in a language of their own..there is so much to learn..
At the end of the day, we are just tiny creatures..just a fraction of the cosmos..
But, you know..there is beauty in being small..
You can learn as much you can..
The cosmos is a dictionary of words written in a language that needs a different outlook to understand..
Every one of us has it, we just need the time to enhance it.
At the end of the just need a starry sky for the finale..The perfect sign off for every day.
Stars..they do many things..
They compel you to retrospect your own perspective..
They motivate you to shine as per your own free will..
And lastly..they inspire your mind to see something beyond the soul..
~Mugdha Deshpande

30 thoughts on “Forever Starstruck..

  1. NoFriedOnion

    It’s wonderful that you have observed nature and condensed its beauty in your writings! Amazing work Mugdha!
    – Vedika


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