Harry Potter..Always

It was late in the night. I was busy reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Straining my eyes in order keep in focus the tiny print, I continued reading. Having no intention whatsoever of going to sleep, I ventured through the pages, on a journey through the mind of a legendary author..
Having embarked upon this journey, I have come to the conclusion that this journey through Rowling’s mind is indeed magical. One can never get down once you climb aboard.
I am still travelling, as I discover new layers of life in every book, every time I read it.
Harry Potter is a character that has embellished his mark on the minds of countless young readers. Written by a woman of exceptional writing style, Harry Potter is not just a series, but an insight to life. It is the tale of peace over war, of hope over darkness and of love over hate.
Though it contains stuff about magic, all that stuff is nowhere close to the magic that J K Rowling has created with words.
Her impeccable writing style just enchants  each mind. Her apt vocabulary for every situation just hooks the reader onto it.
Trust me, but JK Rowling is indeed a magician with words.
The story is the perfect epitome of the power of love. Personally, I am more than a fan of Harry Potter. Each character, may it be Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore or Snape personifies something unique. Be it the wise words of Albus Dumbledore, the endless friendship of Ron and Hermione, the selfless love of Molly Weasley, the loyalty of Dobby, the support of Lupin and Sirius or the ‘Constant vigilance!’ of Moody, every character has something unique associated to him or her. Reading in between the lines, one concludes the fact that it does not matter how old or experienced you are to conquer any task. As long as you have the courage to stay put till the end, you are the winner.
It is said that fiction reveals the truth that reality obscures. Well, in this context, this statement is more than true.
Through Harry Potter, I got introduced to the magic hidden within each one of us and to the power of words. I learnt a lot from JK Rowling and she is a writing inspiration for me.
Well, I can really go on and on. But I guess that I should stop for now.
Until then..#Always

~Mugdha Deshpande

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