Language..the thread that binds souls

I often wonder how come a few short words hold the power to change your outlook. I mean, its like you read something.. anything for that matter-  a small quote, a beautiful poem or an inspirational article and it impacts your life more than you realise. You read one sentence, and then its meaning somehow strikes a chord and brings a smile on your face, doesn’t it? You relate it to some circumstance and begin to ponder upon it. There are some articles which are so very relevant to a particular situation in life, that one finds solace in those few sentences. Some words when arranged in a pattern that appeals to the mind of the writer can change the mind of millions of readers.
Many great people wrote beautiful sentences and the entire world is cherishing those sentences today.
Words coming straight from the heart go straight into hearts. Its nothing short of magic.
But what makes this possible? The answer is ‘language’.
It is a junction of all the emotions..the bridge between feelings.. is that thread which binds souls, connects hearts and creates a confluence of minds.
~Mugdha Deshpande

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