Does truth seem stranger than fiction?

Whenever you come across something bizarre but true, your immediate reaction is, “Are you telling the truth?!”
Deep in your heart, you know that it is the truth. Yet you find it hard to believe it. Every human lives in his or her own comfort zone.

This comfort zone is his own creation, woven out of dreams and aspirations. It is your own land of cupcakes and rainbows and one is perfectly at peace in this comfort zone. But when you hear something out of the blue, you start questioning its reality. Well, this is human nature.
Truth is straight forward and at times harsh as well. Whereas fiction is your own wild imagination. It is rightly said that the truth is a beautiful s well as a terrible thing and hence must be handled with great care. According to human nature, this truth- beautiful or terrible- always comes as a bit of shock, either good or bad.

Hence it is harder to believe as it brings you suddenly to the earth, distancing you from your dream land.
Fiction and fantasies are undoubtedly appealing as they are a perfect picture- a heavenly bliss. Whereas the truth is simply the truth. It hits you right onto your face and tells you to accept it without alterations. Many a times, you are unable to adapt to the truth just because you know that it is there and you don’t want it to be there. Result is, you feel strange. But think, if you somehow adjust to this strange feeling and if you start to live the present day, you will get the fantasy of your dreams. Truth is the ultimate gateway to a comfortable life. Hence, one must overcome the strangeness of truth, see its beauty and move forward, thereby accepting it.
~Mugdha Deshpande

26 thoughts on “Does truth seem stranger than fiction?

      1. Vansh

        This hits different when you realise that thoughts like these can come up in such a young mind.
        Very well written!


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