The wanderlust in you

Travelling is that thing that showers you with impeccable joy, a heavenly solitude. To go to a place, to explore it gives the mind sheer bliss.
Its an amazing feeling to feast your eyes upon a snow capped peak, a pink cloudy sky, the vast expanse of a sea or on a dazzling night sky. The scenic roads, deep valleys just compel us to take a peek into our own mind.
You begin to discover a different world. And at the same time, you also discover your own self. Feeling perfectly at peace amidst the lush foliage, you begin to marvel upon the fact that you actually live in a life of partial oblivion.
The smell of the fresh mountain air, the feel of the wind whipping on you, and the tiny raindrops sliding down your face is a mystical feeling.
You realize the gravity, the magnitude of the magic of nature. All melancholy, all sadness just falls apart. Humming your favourite tune, you just want to capture as much as you can in the camera of your mind. A smile plays on your lips as you delve deeper into the magnificence of nature. You begin to envy the creations that spend their life in this perfect place. The pleasant, earthly smell after rains, -petrichor as it is called- just adds to the tranquility of the moment.
This is what is called utopia. This is the precise epitome of what you call ethereal. This is like experiencing pure happiness.
This is something ineffable. This is like getting lost and being found ’cause this is called the true beauty of life.

~Mugdha Deshpande

38 thoughts on “The wanderlust in you

  1. Ashwini Mene

    Superb Mugdha!! My mind actually wandered into the lush green forests and amidst the mountains and valleys while reading… that is real writing!!


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