Where the sky meets the sea..

The sun woke up stretching its wide arms.
It spread its shine on the sea sprawled beneath. The pure rays of the rising sun fell onto the waves, blending them with a golden aura..
The waters of the sea sparkled, and the sea too woke up for a new day.. The waves gently caressed the shore, with their familiar noise that sounded so much like a melody..
As the waters mirrored the sky above, it gave the feeling that the sky itself had materialised on the Earth..
The clouds broke apart to give way to the sun
with a riot of colours, and a confluence hues.
I stood there, transfixed and awestruck,
as I feasted my eyes upon this magical sight.
The unfathomable sea stretched before me and my eyes traveled as far as they could..
As I treaded sofly on the sand, I realised that we were so small in front of this..
What if we just leave our desire to be the supreme and instead blend into the beauty of creation?
We too can have a place, not by being superior than nature, but by being a part of it..
You know, there is nothing wrong in being small, instead it changes your outlook in a positive way..
Just as the rays of the sun blended with the sea water thereby creating a sight nothing short of heaven, we too should become one with the earth instead of trying to prove our might against a creation that is thousandfold superior than what we are..
And then we can realise the true meaning of what is called beauty in being small.

~Mugdha Deshpande

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