The wabi-sabi way

Wabi-sabi (Japanese)
The discovery of beauty within the imperfections of life..

We humans consider ourselves to be some kind of superior species. We just want everything we crave for. Somewhere in the mind’s eye, each one of us is busy drawing a picture perfect scene of what we want our life to be.
We look at this picture every single morning, strive hard for it and at the end of that day whenever we somewhat achieve the task of painting that picture into reality, we begin to find faults in it.
‘My picture is imperfect’, is that one thought which dominates the mind.
The art of finding imperfections in life is one of the arts possessed by every single human.
But the art of seeing the beauty of being an imperfectionist is possessed by a handful few who accept the fact that no one is perfect. In reality, each one of us is imperfect in some or the other way. But you know, there is beauty in an imperfect life.
You can enjoy being the unique mess you are.
Instead of running behind what is never going to be yours, you can live the way you are. You stop comparing yourself with others, you stop criticizing yourself and start to live life to its hilt. No one can be perfect, no one is perfect.
Once one realizes this thing, one begins to find beauty in everything. And this is what you call wabi-sabi.

~Mugdha Deshpande

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