A word due to which
the world practically thrives,
That which holds immense power to eliminate sorrows and strife.
They know it by the name of happiness..
As something that can overcome all the distress.
It lies in front of you,
And yet, its hard to find..
To seek what you call bliss,
You need nothing but a positive mind.
Many search for it, but
only a few actually create it..

It resides in simple things..
In the aroma of the soil after the rains,
In the cream on your coffee,
In the melody of your favourite song,
In the flower that blooms in your garden,
In the pages of a new book,
In the flight of a bird,
In the sky that paints itself at sunset,
In the fluffy white clouds and in the tiny wild flowers,
In the splash of paints, in the moody doodles.
Even inside your messy wardrobe,
Inside the pictures in your room,
Happiness accommodates itself,
And drives away the gloom.

It finds every nook and cranny of this world to make it its abode..
Happiness builds doors for us,
Doors that are meant to opened for discovering the beauty of life..
And what do we do?
We slam every door, we close it on its face,
And then keep on complaining that we are trapped inside..
Just think,
If you throw open the doors to happiness,
If you cross the threshold and enter into the world on the other side,
You can find what you were searching for
You can find happiness – right there- waiting for you to savour it to the hilt..

~ Mugdha Deshpande

59 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Rutam

    101% amazing…I love how you expressed happiness in simple things. I also like how you made the statement that happiness is right in front of you but is hard to find. This is actually very very true and many people struggle with this unfaltering problem. Even in times of misery you can be happy and positive. By your poem I am totally convinced happiness is found in the darkest corners of the world and in small things. As a matter of fact according to me happiness doesn’t require a reason.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Kalpana dharmadhikari

    खूप सुंदर मेसेज देणारी कविता….
    अभिनंदन मुग्धा…. असंच लिहित रहा…
    कल्पना आज्जी…


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