About me

Greetings to all those literary worms out there! Myself Mugdha Deshpande.
I started this website in the month of April 2020, in order to spend time more effectively during the lockdown.
It has been a wonderful journey of designing this website and I definitely learnt a lot. Ever since I was a young girl, I used to write stuff. But this hobby was fully recognized by me in high school. My English teacher encouraged this and this is how I began to write poems. Then came essays, free verses and short stories too.
Writing is a really great hobby as it does not require much expenditure of time, extravagant equipment or stuff like that.
Quite often, it happens that one reads some sentence, quote or any essay, and it influences the person more that he knows. And hence, writing ultimately connects the dots among people and weaves a beautiful fabric of entities. Through this website I have tried my bit to connect people through language and thoughts. I am very thankful to my parents, my family and friends for encouraging me to write more. I hope you enjoy this literary journey and the literary worm within each one of you is awakened!
Yours truly,
Mugdha Deshpande

Words are the most inexhaustible source of magic… – J.K. Rowling



The Lord of the Jungles..

The tiger is the hallmark of India. It roams the jungles of this land with pride. The tiger is rightly called as the large hearted gentleman. So let us get a glimpse of this ‘pride of the wild’.

In the jungles of Kanha, the tale began.. On the search of tigers we were an eager group, waiting to get a glimpse of the ruler of the forest. As we travelled deep into the jungle, there was excitement in the air. Our elephant ventured deep in the forest. Suddenly there was movement among the bushes.

After a few heart stopping moments he came into view- the proud tiger sitting in a perfect position amidst the tall grass. I was stunned beyond words. His eyes reflected a quiet aura of pride. The stance in which he was sitting clearly mirrored his command over the surrounding territory. We went closer to him. Our elephant came to a halt just beside him. Then suddenly he looked up- directly into my eyes. A shiver ran down my spine as my eyes literally locked into his. I am sure, I will not forget that gaze ever in life.

Since that encounter, I have had a passion for the tiger. He is really a large hearted gentleman. We are lucky to have the tiger walking on this Indian soil. Yet sadly, some people do not understand his worth. Selfish motives being the prime cause of poaching tigers, the ruler of the forests is indeed facing a huge threat. The cold wind of terror and the footprints of death are approaching tigers fast. We blame the tigers for bursting into human settlements. But truth be told, humans are the ones responsible for this situation.
Who asked them to burst into the habitat of tigers? Though the tigers are quite unaware of the motives of these uninvited guests it is not that they are going to keep quiet for long..
Humans either need to stop these activities, else just wait and watch..
Because in the end they are TIGERS..

The Universe

The cosmos is within us.. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the Universe to know itself. -Carl Sagan

The sun was spreading its familiar glow, birds were chirping and the city was awakening. I stood in my window watching this transition. There was solitude in the air, a feeling that today would bring with it something different just as everyday does. Looking at the vast stretch of the Pune suburb before my eyes, my thoughts journeyed far.. Was there any place beyond the Earth that held something similar to ours? Are we alone? And then..the inevitable one- is there life beyond the Earth? I could just ponder. Looking up at the sky, we experience its celestial beauty and no doubt it is vast. In fact it is the biggest creation we have ever known. But what if we broaden our horizon?

Going beyond the earth’s atmosphere, we enter a whole new world. A colossal and majestic world full of wonders. The sky is like a shield for our ‘pale blue dot’. It is a comfort zone, secured and secluded. We do not like to come out of it. And yet we are curious to know what lies out there. I think that we live in a life of partial oblivion. I mean that there are so many things that humans are unheard of. As it is said, we just need to have eyes to see, hearts to feel, a will to know and curiosity to discover. Just for once look up at the stars. I know that it is not going to help you get good admissions, good jobs and stuff like that. But it is essential to remind us that humans are mere puppets in the hands of the universe..

After these thoughts, I came back to Earth and suddenly realised that I had virtually travelled beyond the Earth. A feeling of happiness washed over me. And I can assure you that you too will experience heavenly bliss. Just have the time to discover yourself through the eyes of the Universe and to discover the Universe through your own eyes..

-Mugdha Deshpande

Short stories

My grey day

“A colour is that expression which adds beauty to life and meaning to the world.”

It was a dull day. I had to reach my friend’s place. I took my books and started walking towards her house. It was a long walk and I was thoroughly bored. The atmosphere was grey, the surroundings were grey, the pavement was grey… Everything was dull and grey. So well you get it, that this was not the best of days. Absent-mindedly, I dragged myself forward. Reaching the crossing, I stood there and a second later was knocked by a girl somewhat of my age. “Hey! Don’t you see it’s the red signal?” She replied, “I’m sorry, but please can you tell me what or how is red?”

It was as if a giant brick had hit me straight on my head. I looked at her eyes, except that they were devoid of what they needed the most- her sight. I couldn’t think of what to do next. Instinctively, I escorted her to the roadside, far from the traffic. “I am sorry for knocking you down, but please can you tell me how does red look?” Tears sprang into my eyes. I tried in vain to search for words that could aptly bridge the long gap between the both of us.Just a while ago, I had been grumbling about my ‘grey day’ but then it struck me that the girl next to me lived in a ‘black day’ every single day..

“You’ll see,” I replied fighting back tears. “You’ll see red one day!” She seemed confused but never the less was happy that I had added some colour to her life. And then she walked away, with difficulty. I stood rooted to the spot and mumbled a silent prayer to God to grant her the sight of red, just once..

That was when I realised that I had to reach my friend’s place. As I walked on, I noticed the red, yellow and pink roses that bloomed colourfully at the florist’s. I noticed the green parrots, chirping merrily in the blue sky. And I also noticed a golden aura- the aura of sight- that surrounded me- always…

-Mugdha Deshpande


Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings, it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility..

-William Wordsworth

Hope..the fuel that propels each soul..

Heaven- A place that can be found if you know where to look..


Beyond all misery and confusion,
There lies a serene place..
Known to us..yet unknown
‘Heaven’ we call it..
Many crave for it, others yearn for it
Some actually search for it throughout their lives
Everyone looks up to it..
To a place that is the impeccable epitome of solitude..
But just for once, try looking for this place..
Neither in the ground, nor in the clouds
Once you look around you, you’ll realise..
That you were searching for something you already possess..
Heaven..it is there everywhere..
In the pure rays of the morning sun,
In the rustling of leaves, in the chirping of birds..
In a tiny drop of morning dew,
In the smile of a child,
In a soul that cares..
In a hand that helps..
It is there in a breath of fresh air..
Heaven is there even in a tiny seedling that fights its way through the soil..
In the smell of the mud after the first rains..
In the pages of a book..
In the comfort of your home..
In the star filled sky..
Heaven is there..waiting for you to discover it
But you just need to look at it with the right eye..
And once you are struck by the gravity of the heaven that you have found..
You will no doubt have to accept
That.. Heaven lives where a heart is found..

-Mugdha Deshpande

The light that can never fade..

That dark cloud

This is a metaphorical poem which compares problems faced by us to a dark stormy cloud..

A problem has always got something to teach you..

When the dark cloud, full of gloom overpowers you,
And you begin to feel sepulchral,
When this cloud bursts and pours its rain,
You feel as if you are not special.

And then you start to question why 
You are the epicentre of this rain,
You begin to feel as if there's some sin you've done,
Hence you are subjected to this pain.

Then further this rain grows vociferous,
And manifests into a storm,
Yet you ought to keep going,
The weather will surely transform.

Alone as you might be,
Your faithful umbrella lost,
It is you who has to finally 
Cross the hail and frost..

Just follow the path of your heart,
With a golden hope in mind,
That the storm will surely quieten,
It would be left behind.

Then once you've crossed this odyssey,
And you look at it from the start to the end,
You will no doubt have to accept,
That the 'dark cloud' was your friend..
                                       -Mugdha Deshpande

The night sky

The night is a beautiful and mystical phenomenon on Earth. It holds the known and the unknown..

Looking at the night sky is just like delving deep into a mysterious and magical world..

The night sky is a stage,
A colossal stage that grows new with age..
Here there are stars of every shade,
Of diamond, ruby, emerald and jade.

At times a satellite glides on this curtain,
Occasionally a meteor shower is certain
Sometimes a comet adorns the sky,
It hypnotizes you and makes you sigh..

Then suddenly rises the moon,
Striking a syllable- a happy tune
The moon makes the night devoid of fright,
It offers a spectacle- a dazzling sight.

The sky is a classroom of teachers and students,
Where knowledge floats precise and prudent.
Here, the teachers than the students are more,
They make their learners fly and soar..

But if Lady Luck turns her back on us,
The show is gone how much you fuss,
Gone are the planets and the planets and twinkling stars,
The vision is obscured by cloudy bars.

This shiny diadem of innumerable stars,
Washes away all turmoil and scars,
In the past does it help to delve,
The sky is a beauty, a mystery in itself.
                                       -Mugdha Deshpande

Still I remain..

No one likes jealous people..but by default they are the part and parcel of each one’s life. Face them and learn from them..

You may treat me as you please,
Either with hatred or with love,
But one thing is for sure..
I will remain as I am.

You may be jealous or;
You may even celebrate when I am sad,
You may laugh at my failures,
But, I will remain as I am.

You may despise me to the core,
You may criticize me without any reason,
You may discourage me each time I want to soar,
And yet I will remain as I am..

If you think that I will give up
And ultimately get frustrated 
Then you are sadly mistaken;
'Cause I will remain as I am.

Even if you detest me, 
I will never abhor you.
Instead I will consider you 
As someone who gives me the chance to improve.

I will look at you from a different perspective,
A unique and positive view,
Just because you left your place,
I will not leave mine to fix you,
I will remain as I am..
                 -Mugdha Deshpande


Eyes are the biggest mirrors of anyone and everyone. They are beautiful in every form and every emotion..

The biggest mirror of your life,
 That tells the truth and never lies,
 Is nothing but your unique eye, 
Which never changes even if time passes by.

 Blue, black, brown or grey,
  They reflect everything you want to say. 
Eyes epitomize all your emotions
 They give way to your inner aspirations. 

Some have a comforting warmth and glow, 
Some appear deep but are completely hollow.
 Some are transparent and crystal clear,
 Some look scared with traces of fear.

 Some are decorated with an uncanny twinkle, 
Some are kind with a generous sprinkle.
 With determination some eyes are lit,
 While some change feelings bit by bit.

Some are inquisitive wanting to know more,
 Some give you courage to fly and soar
. As against that, some are totally rude,
 While some change forms depending on their mood.

 Some are piercing and make you go cold,
 While some are straight forward, having a firm hold.
 Such are the eyes, beautiful and lovely,
 They reflect your thoughts, slowly but surely.               
                        -Mugdha Deshpande 


To all the people who are feeling caged due to the present situation of Covid-19 outbreak.

#Lockdown #StayHomeStaySafe

Today evening as I sat in my window,
Watching the empty streets,

listening to the sound of silence;
I suddenly heard a merry voice-
“Hey there! Feeling caged?”
Startled, I turned to the voice and saw a parrot,

calling happily.
I sighed happily, “ Yes perhaps, it has changed a lot.
My fantasies have met dead ends,

my dreams of enjoyment have shattered,
and here I am, trapped in my own cage.”
The parrot smiled- it literally did- and said:
“When you humans cage us not in our

but in your strange homes,
We feel helpless, desperate and yet, we can do nothing..
A mere puppet of your hands,

unable to spread our wings,
unable to fly..
When freedom turns its back on us,

Life becomes a confinement.”
“Today, when I see you,” I said,

“Spreading your wings more freely than usual,
the setting sun cradling you in its arms,
the colourful evening sky, encouraging you to dance..
I am envious of you dear small bird,
Pray, tell me how can I be one of you?”
Laughing, the small bird said,
“It has indeed changed a lot,

you enjoyed your life now we are enjoying ours.
This time I see you from the other side of the cage,
You are trapped instead of me, and now for once,

you are feeling our pain..
But in these trying times, you should not lose heart,
Do not keep crying, make the best of the hour..
For after every stormy night, there is a bright sunny day,
For after every dark tunnel,
there is an opening coming your way..”
With this, the parrot took off,
I marveled his stunning flight,
His message struck a chord with me
And I resolved that I would follow it with all my might..

-Mugdha Deshpande

A Daughter’s Day

There is a beautiful bond between a mother and a daughter. This one is a poem symbolising this selfless relation of unconditional love.

She came home from a dreary day,
So tired was she, she couldn’t even say,
Her mind was cluttered with submissions and deadlines
Even to breathe peacefully, she had no time
And yet… and yet her daughter came fuming into the room
Apparently she was crying from noon.
“Mom!”, Daughter burst out when she saw her,
“What day is it today, don’t you remember?
I’m sure that you know it’s daughter’s day;
And still you have nothing to say?”

“Oh dear, I’m sorry, I totally forgot,
I had so much work, that I got caught.”
“Now!” demanded Daughter, “I want a cake,
I just want it whatever it takes!”
“Dear, I’m afraid, I can’t tonight,
Next time I’ll try with all my might.”

Daughter raged and shouted, roared and stormed,
Telling her Mother how much she had wronged.
Mom listened to her with a sad face,
 Unhappy that things weren’t abiding her pace.

Then later that night, Mom gave her a wooden case,
Daughter took it, and opened it with a sulky face.
Inside was written a curly message
On a yellow parchment that was old with age.

Daughter read it and let out a sigh,
And before any warning, she began to cry..
For the message was :

“Dear, today I had nothing different to say,
Because for me everyday is a Daughter’s day.
My life is not a fairy tale,
But you are my Princess,
Since you never fail to make me happy and impressed.”

-Mugdha Deshpande

From my window..

Nature is the ultimate source of bliss and tranquility. It provides us with hope in trying times. Even the smallest creations of nature can etch a lasting impact on our mind..

I sat dozing one sunny noon,
Thinking that it’d be evening soon,
I was tired and dreary to the core,
The sultry weather made me go sore.

Suddenly I looked out of the window-
A breeze was floating steady and slow.
It played on my cheeks and tickled my toes,
It whistled in my ear and caressed my nose.

I rushed hurriedly to the window,
To be a spectator to nature’s show.
Fell away instantly all my stupor,
With bated breath I waited for the shower.

Tore open the skies and cascaded down the rain,
Washing away all turmoil and pain.
The cool wind glided past me,
A different world now I could see.

I wondered how come nature taught,
To smile and laugh when distraught.
The dramatic rain lifted my mood,
A wonderful day I began to prelude.

All thanks to Mother Nature,
The legendary comrade, guide and mentor.
None can ever surpass this concoction,
None can imitate this masterpiece creation.
 -Mugdha Deshpande

A Golden glow..

Sunrise is an everyday phenomenon. But it is the most beautiful time of the day..Morning is that time of the day when you get all the inspiration you want to start a new day.

As he wakes up stretching his wide arms,
He spreads his aura across meadows and farms,
An uncanny twinkle decorates his eye,
As birds let out a pleasant sigh.
Acknowledgement as the trees offer,
The fragrance blooms from flower to flower.
His glowing shine percolates everywhere,
As birds offer a peaceful air.
Awake now is every being on earth,
Ideas and thoughts now begin to take birth.
In the presence of him unhappy is none,
Such is the magic of the golden sun. 
 -Mugdha Deshpande