Our place in the puzzle..

There once was a puzzle..
A puzzle like none before
You could not start solving it neither could you complete it..
There were thousands and thousands of pieces..
Each one of a different shape..
No two pieces resembled each other,
And yet they fitted in well..
Even if one piece was missing, the puzzle was incomplete..
So each piece mattered..however small it was..
Aren't humans like a single piece?
Each one is unique..each one different
And yet..
Together we fit in the same frame of the puzzle..
And make the world something beautiful..
Make the earth bloom with life..
Maybe that's life.. A confluence of various entities..
Entities who create a grand symphony..
So, this puzzle of the universe..
Is full of assorted individuals..
All of whom fit in by themselves..
Just because they have a distinct 'place in the puzzle'..
Just because they reserve one by being born..
Just because they are a part of this  universe..
~Mugdha Deshpande