The wanderlust in you

Travelling is that thing that showers you with impeccable joy, a heavenly solitude. To go to a place, to explore it gives the mind sheer bliss.
Its an amazing feeling to feast your eyes upon a snow capped peak, a pink cloudy sky, the vast expanse of a sea or on a dazzling night sky. The scenic roads, deep valleys just compel us to take a peek into our own mind.
You begin to discover a different world. And at the same time, you also discover your own self. Feeling perfectly at peace amidst the lush foliage, you begin to marvel upon the fact that you actually live in a life of partial oblivion.
The smell of the fresh mountain air, the feel of the wind whipping on you, and the tiny raindrops sliding down your face is a mystical feeling.
You realize the gravity, the magnitude of the magic of nature. All melancholy, all sadness just falls apart. Humming your favourite tune, you just want to capture as much as you can in the camera of your mind. A smile plays on your lips as you delve deeper into the magnificence of nature. You begin to envy the creations that spend their life in this perfect place. The pleasant, earthly smell after rains, -petrichor as it is called- just adds to the tranquility of the moment.
This is what is called utopia. This is the precise epitome of what you call ethereal. This is like experiencing pure happiness.
This is something ineffable. This is like getting lost and being found ’cause this is called the true beauty of life.

~Mugdha Deshpande

Does truth seem stranger than fiction?

Whenever you come across something bizarre but true, your immediate reaction is, “Are you telling the truth?!”
Deep in your heart, you know that it is the truth. Yet you find it hard to believe it. Every human lives in his or her own comfort zone.

This comfort zone is his own creation, woven out of dreams and aspirations. It is your own land of cupcakes and rainbows and one is perfectly at peace in this comfort zone. But when you hear something out of the blue, you start questioning its reality. Well, this is human nature.
Truth is straight forward and at times harsh as well. Whereas fiction is your own wild imagination. It is rightly said that the truth is a beautiful s well as a terrible thing and hence must be handled with great care. According to human nature, this truth- beautiful or terrible- always comes as a bit of shock, either good or bad.

Hence it is harder to believe as it brings you suddenly to the earth, distancing you from your dream land.
Fiction and fantasies are undoubtedly appealing as they are a perfect picture- a heavenly bliss. Whereas the truth is simply the truth. It hits you right onto your face and tells you to accept it without alterations. Many a times, you are unable to adapt to the truth just because you know that it is there and you don’t want it to be there. Result is, you feel strange. But think, if you somehow adjust to this strange feeling and if you start to live the present day, you will get the fantasy of your dreams. Truth is the ultimate gateway to a comfortable life. Hence, one must overcome the strangeness of truth, see its beauty and move forward, thereby accepting it.
~Mugdha Deshpande


Today evening as I sat in my window,
Watching the empty streets,

listening to the sound of silence;
I suddenly heard a merry voice-
“Hey there! Feeling caged?”
Startled, I turned to the voice and saw a parrot,

calling happily.
I sighed happily, “ Yes perhaps, it has changed a lot.
My fantasies have met dead ends,

my dreams of enjoyment have shattered,
and here I am, trapped in my own cage.”
The parrot smiled- it literally did- and said:
“When you humans cage us not in our

but in your strange homes,
We feel helpless, desperate and yet, we can do nothing..
A mere puppet of your hands,

unable to spread our wings,
unable to fly..
When freedom turns its back on us,

Life becomes a confinement.”
“Today, when I see you,” I said,

“Spreading your wings more freely than usual,
the setting sun cradling you in its arms,
the colourful evening sky, encouraging you to dance..
I am envious of you dear small bird,
Pray, tell me how can I be one of you?”
Laughing, the small bird said,
“It has indeed changed a lot,

you enjoyed your life now we are enjoying ours.
This time I see you from the other side of the cage,
You are trapped instead of me, and now for once,

you are feeling our pain..
But in these trying times, you should not lose heart,
Do not keep crying, make the best of the hour..
For after every stormy night, there is a bright sunny day,
For after every dark tunnel,
there is an opening coming your way..”
With this, the parrot took off,
I marveled his stunning flight,
His message struck a chord with me
And I resolved that I would follow it with all my might..

-Mugdha Deshpande

This poem is for all those people who were longing to go out of their homes and could not, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. #LockdownPoems

Language..the thread that binds souls

I often wonder how come a few short words hold the power to change your outlook. I mean, its like you read something.. anything for that matter-  a small quote, a beautiful poem or an inspirational article and it impacts your life more than you realise. You read one sentence, and then its meaning somehow strikes a chord and brings a smile on your face, doesn’t it? You relate it to some circumstance and begin to ponder upon it. There are some articles which are so very relevant to a particular situation in life, that one finds solace in those few sentences. Some words when arranged in a pattern that appeals to the mind of the writer can change the mind of millions of readers.
Many great people wrote beautiful sentences and the entire world is cherishing those sentences today.
Words coming straight from the heart go straight into hearts. Its nothing short of magic.
But what makes this possible? The answer is ‘language’.
It is a junction of all the emotions..the bridge between feelings.. is that thread which binds souls, connects hearts and creates a confluence of minds.
~Mugdha Deshpande

The Evergreen

As I sat home..the other day
It just struck me that it was just humans who were locked up..Nature remained as it was..evergreen as always
The flowers still bloomed..vibrant and tender..
They still danced with the sun..
They still sang with the wind..
The wild was still bustling with life..
Carefree and unhampered
The leaves still blossomed unaware of the troubles of the human world..
The trees continued to sway with the breeze..They still wore the crown of leaves
The mountains too stood mighty and tall
They did not hide or fall
The waves still caressed the shore..
The marine life was still enchanting
The river still flowed..calm and serene
As if it was telling everyone to remain strong..
Waterfalls were still milk white..
Dancing with tiny drops..refreshing and cool
The clouds still had their own different hues..
At times a fiery red
At times fluffy white..
The sun still rose.. everyday with a new stance
Everything in nature was just as it was..
It did not change at all..
All paths were people to tread on them
Nature was there with no one to discover it..
I then realized that we need nature, but it can do perfectly well without us..
And so It is we humans who can be locked up..nature is forever free!
~Mugdha Deshpande

Harry Potter..Always

It was late in the night..I was busy reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Straining my eyes in order keep in focus the tiny print, I continued reading. Having no intention whatsoever of going to sleep, I ventured through the pages..on a journey through the mind of a legendary author..
Having embarked upon this journey, I have come to the conclusion that this journey through Rowling’s mind is indeed magical..One can never get down..
I am still travelling, as I discover new layers of life in every book, every time I read it.
Harry Potter..a character that has embellished its mark on the minds of countless young readers. Written by a woman of exceptional writing style, Harry Potter is not just a series, but an insight to life. It is the tale of peace over war, of hope over darkness and of love over hate.
Though it contains stuff about magic, all that stuff is nowhere close to the magic that Rowling has created with words.
Her impeccable writing style just enchants  each mind. Her apt vocabulary for every situation just hooks the reader onto it.
Trust me..but JK Rowling is indeed a magician with words.
The story is the perfect epitome of the power of love. Personally, I am more than a fan of Harry Potter. Each character, may it be Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore or  Snape personifies something unique. The words which Albus Dumbledore spoke -‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light’ have the power to ignite hope in every heart. Reading in between the lines, one concludes the fact that it does not matter how old or experienced you are to conquer any task..As long as you have the courage to stay put till the end, you are the winner.
One learns the true meaning of friendship and trust through Harry Potter.
It is said that fiction reveals the truth that reality obscures..Well in this context, this statement is more than true..
Through Harry Potter, I got introduced to the magic hidden within each one of us.
Well, I can really go on and on..But that is not possible here. So goodbye for now..
Until then..#Always

Mugdha Deshpande

Forever Starstruck..

Stars..they are just tiny pin pricks on a vast stretch of canvas..
And yet..when hundreds of them come together, it is a sight to behold..
They are of every shade, every hue..
Some of them bright, some of them faint..
But each one shines with all its might..
You just look at it and can do nothing but marvel at the stunning sight your eyes feast upon..
A smile plays on your lips as you try to capture this heavenly rapture in the camera of your mind..
The stars help to remind us that we are a part of this beautiful universe, that we can also shine when the time is right..
I really wonder how..but looking at the stars each night makes us think differently..
It helps us to broaden our push our limits.
And they also teach us countless things in a language of their own..there is so much to learn..
At the end of the day, we are just tiny creatures..just a fraction of the cosmos..
But, you know..there is beauty in being small..
You can learn as much you can..
The cosmos is a dictionary of words written in a language that needs a different outlook to understand..
Every one of us has it, we just need the time to enhance it.
At the end of the just need a starry sky for the finale..The perfect sign off for every day.
Stars..they do many things..
They compel you to retrospect your own perspective..
They motivate you to shine as per your own free will..
And lastly..they inspire your mind to see something beyond the soul..
~Mugdha Deshpande



There are some things which words fail to express..Family is one of them.
A family is a birthplace of selfless love.
It is the abode of trust and care..
A family is the emotional birthplace of every individual.
Being a rich brocade fabric it is interwoven with something more than mere gold..
It is your first and most priceless possession..something that is always yours..
Something that is there for you any time and every time..
Something that doubles your happiness and halves your sorrows..
And hence,
A family is a shiny diamond in the diadem of life..

~Mugdha Deshpande

Hope..the fuel that propels each soul..

Heaven- A place that can be found if you know where to look..


Beyond all misery and confusion,
There lies a serene place..
Known to us..yet unknown
‘Heaven’ we call it..
Many crave for it, others yearn for it
Some actually search for it throughout their lives
Everyone looks up to it..
To a place that is the impeccable epitome of solitude..
But just for once, try looking for this place..
Neither in the ground, nor in the clouds
Once you look around you, you’ll realise..
That you were searching for something you already possess.. is there everywhere..
In the pure rays of the morning sun,
In the rustling of leaves, in the chirping of birds..
In a tiny drop of morning dew,
In the smile of a child,
In a soul that cares..
In a hand that helps..
It is there in a breath of fresh air..
Heaven is there even in a tiny seedling that fights its way through the soil..
In the smell of the mud after the first rains..
In the pages of a book..
In the comfort of your home..
In the star filled sky..
Heaven is there..waiting for you to discover it
But you just need to look at it with the right eye..
And once you are struck by the gravity of the heaven that you have found..
You will no doubt have to accept
That.. Heaven lives where a heart is found..

-Mugdha Deshpande

The light that never fades..

Our place in the puzzle..

There once was a puzzle..
A puzzle like none before
You could not start solving it neither could you complete it..
There were thousands and thousands of pieces..
Each one of a different shape..
No two pieces resembled each other,
And yet they fitted in well..
Even if one piece was missing, the puzzle was incomplete..
So each piece mattered..however small it was..
Aren't humans like a single piece?
Each one is unique..each one different
And yet..
Together we fit in the same frame of the puzzle..
And make the world something beautiful..
Make the earth bloom with life..
Maybe that's life.. A confluence of various entities..
Entities who create a grand symphony..
So, this puzzle of the universe..
Is full of assorted individuals..
All of whom fit in by themselves..
Just because they have a distinct 'place in the puzzle'..
Just because they reserve one by being born..
Just because they are a part of this  universe..
~Mugdha Deshpande

About me

Greetings to all those literary worms out there! Myself Mugdha Deshpande.
I started this website in the month of April 2020, in order to spend time more effectively during the lockdown.
It has been a wonderful journey of designing this website and I definitely learnt a lot. Ever since I was a young girl, I used to write stuff. But this hobby was fully recognized by me in high school. My English teacher encouraged this and this is how I began to write poems. Then came essays, free verses and short stories too.
Writing is a really great hobby as it does not require much expenditure of time, extravagant equipment or stuff like that.
Quite often, it happens that one reads some sentence, quote or any essay, and it influences the person more that he knows. And hence, writing ultimately connects the dots among people and weaves a beautiful fabric of entities. Through this website I have tried my bit to connect people through language and thoughts. I am very thankful to my parents, my family and friends for encouraging me to write more. I hope you enjoy this literary journey and the literary worm within each one of you is awakened!
Yours truly,
Mugdha Deshpande

Words are the most inexhaustible source of magic… – J.K. Rowling