A word due to whichthe world practically thrives,That which holds immense power to eliminate sorrows and strife.They know it by the name of happiness..As something that can overcome all the distress.It lies in front of you,And yet, its hard to find..To seek what you call bliss,You need nothing but a positive mind.Many search for it, butonly a few actually create it.. Happiness..It resides in simple … Continue reading Happiness


Choice. That one word which creates diversity in the world. Each person in this world has a different choice. No two persons have the exactly same choices. Isn’t this a beautiful thing? But quite often this beautiful thing is the cause of conflict among people. It is human nature to think that the person in front of us must have the same opinion as we … Continue reading Choice.


This poem is a monologue of the lotus flower..a flower that blooms through mud. When you look at the lotus through a poetic angle, it seems so closely related to human life..so read on! You may bury me under the dirt,You may cover me up with mud,You may not give me enough to growAnd yet, I will bloomIt is difficult, no doubt,To rise from the … Continue reading Lotus

Sonder- The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own

‘Sonder’ – A beautiful word coined by John Koenig Quite often, we think about our own life..about the ups and downsAbout the smiles and frownsEach one of us marvels at the vivid life we live..Our mind revolves around our own self..My strengths, my weaknesses, my struggles, my achievements, my hobbies are the thoughts that dominate our mind. Quite often we are so wrapped up in … Continue reading Sonder- The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own

Where the sky meets the sea..

The sun woke up stretching its wide arms.It spread its shine on the sea sprawled beneath. The pure rays of the rising sun fell onto the waves, blending them with a golden aura..The waters of the sea sparkled, and the sea too woke up for a new day.. The waves gently caressed the shore, with their familiar noise that sounded so much like a melody..As … Continue reading Where the sky meets the sea..

Does truth seem stranger than fiction?

Whenever you come across something bizarre but true, your immediate reaction is, “Are you telling the truth?!”Deep in your heart, you know that it is the truth. Yet you find it hard to believe it. Every human lives in his or her own comfort zone. This comfort zone is his own creation, woven out of dreams and aspirations. It is your own land of cupcakes … Continue reading Does truth seem stranger than fiction?