Wording the feeling..

Greetings to all those literary worms out there! Myself, Mugdha Deshpande, a teenager who likes to write stuff, travel to new places, exploring the night sky and read books.
Ever since I was a small girl, I have had this passion of turning feelings into words.
As every writer would say that she writes because she loves to express through words, I would no doubt say this; but at the same time, I would like to add that I write to string the beads among thoughts, words and ultimately people. Language is that thread which binds souls, connects hearts and in the end weaves a beautiful fabric of entities with similar or even different thoughts.
So let us together embark upon this journey where we can delve into the magic, power and magnificence of words!

The starry night

That day, everything just had to go against my mind. At the end of the day, I was a frustrated person snapping at everyone for no logical reason. I decided to walk into the gallery to get some fresh air. The city lights sprawled in front, with the skies spread above. There was coolness in … Continue reading The starry night


A word due to whichthe world practically thrives,That which holds immense power to eliminate sorrows and strife.They know it by the name of happiness..As something that can overcome all the distress.It lies in front of you,And yet, its hard to find..To seek what you call bliss,You need nothing but a positive mind.Many search for it, … Continue reading Happiness


Choice. That one word which creates diversity in the world. Each person in this world has a different choice. No two persons have the exactly same choices. Isn’t this a beautiful thing? But quite often this beautiful thing is the cause of conflict among people. It is human nature to think that the person in … Continue reading Choice.


This poem is a monologue of the lotus flower..a flower that blooms through mud. When you look at the lotus through a poetic angle, it seems so closely related to human life..so read on! You may bury me under the dirt,You may cover me up with mud,You may not give me enough to growAnd yet, … Continue reading Lotus

Sonder- The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own

‘Sonder’ – A beautiful word coined by John Koenig Quite often, we think about our own life..about the ups and downsAbout the smiles and frownsEach one of us marvels at the vivid life we live..Our mind revolves around our own self..My strengths, my weaknesses, my struggles, my achievements, my hobbies are the thoughts that dominate … Continue reading Sonder- The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own

The wabi-sabi way

Wabi-sabi (Japanese)The discovery of beauty within the imperfections of life.. We humans consider ourselves to be some kind of superior species. We just want everything we crave for. Somewhere in the mind’s eye, each one of us is busy drawing a picture perfect scene of what we want our life to be.We look at this … Continue reading The wabi-sabi way

The Evergreen Diadem

It stood shining in the early summer sun,Tall and mighty and yet so beautifulThat tree with all its leaves sprawled,Was simply a sight to behold..Its old trunk bore no sign of its age,It looked as if it had a got a new life,With a pleasant smile, it embraced the warmth..Winter came with a chilly eye,Cold … Continue reading The Evergreen Diadem

The wanderlust in you

Travelling is that thing that showers you with impeccable joy, a heavenly solitude. To go to a place, to explore it gives the mind sheer bliss.Its an amazing feeling to feast your eyes upon a snow capped peak, a pink cloudy sky, the vast expanse of a sea or on a dazzling night sky. The … Continue reading The wanderlust in you


Today evening as I sat in my window,Watching the empty streets,listening to the sound of silence;I suddenly heard a merry voice-“Hey there! Feeling caged?”Startled, I turned to the voice and saw a parrot,calling happily.I sighed happily, “ Yes perhaps, it has changed a lot.My fantasies have met dead ends,my dreams of enjoyment have shattered,and here … Continue reading Caged

The Evergreen

As I sat home..the other dayIt just struck me that it was just humans who were locked up..Nature remained as it was..evergreen as alwaysThe flowers still bloomed..vibrant and tender..They still danced with the sun..They still sang with the wind..The wild was still bustling with life..Carefree and unhamperedThe leaves still blossomed unaware of the troubles of … Continue reading The Evergreen

Harry Potter..Always

It was late in the night..I was busy reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Straining my eyes in order keep in focus the tiny print, I continued reading. Having no intention whatsoever of going to sleep, I ventured through the pages..on a journey through the mind of a legendary author..Having embarked upon this … Continue reading Harry Potter..Always

Forever Starstruck..

Stars..they are just tiny pin pricks on a vast stretch of canvas..And yet..when hundreds of them come together, it is a sight to behold..They are of every shade, every hue..Some of them bright, some of them faint..But each one shines with all its might..You just look at it and can do nothing but marvel at … Continue reading Forever Starstruck..


Family There are some things which words fail to express..Family is one of them.A family is a birthplace of selfless love.It is the abode of trust and care..A family is the emotional birthplace of every individual.Being a rich brocade fabric it is interwoven with something more than mere gold..It is your first and most priceless … Continue reading #Poetry

Our place in the puzzle..

There once was a puzzle..A puzzle like none beforeYou could not start solving it neither could you complete it..There were thousands and thousands of pieces..Each one of a different shape..No two pieces resembled each other,And yet they fitted in well..Even if one piece was missing, the puzzle was incomplete..So each piece mattered..however small it was..Aren’t … Continue reading Our place in the puzzle..

About me

Greetings to all those literary worms out there! Myself Mugdha Deshpande.I started this website in the month of April 2020, in order to spend time more effectively during the lockdown.It has been a wonderful journey of designing this website and I definitely learnt a lot. Ever since I was a young girl, I used to … Continue reading About me


The Lord of the Jungles.. The tiger is the hallmark of India. It roams the jungles of this land with pride. The tiger is rightly called as the large hearted gentleman. So let us get a glimpse of this ‘pride of the wild’. In the jungles of Kanha, the tale began.. On the search of … Continue reading Essays

Short stories

My grey day “A colour is that expression which adds beauty to life and meaning to the world.” It was a dull day. I had to reach my friend’s place. I took my books and started walking towards her house. It was a long walk and I was thoroughly bored. The atmosphere was grey, the … Continue reading Short stories


Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings, it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.. -William Wordsworth Hope..the fuel that propels each soul.. Heaven- A place that can be found if you know where to look.. The light that can never fade.. That dark cloud This is a metaphorical poem which compares problems … Continue reading Poems

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