As the sun bids adieu to all earthlings,
And Lady night spreads out her magnificent shawl
Sequin like stars stud the deep dark sky
And they twinkle mischievously from afar.
Then quite suddenly above the horizon,
One senses the arrival of yet another captivist 
Rising majestically, glowing brighter and brighter
The moon makes his grand entry
At times a full opaline white beauty, 
At times a delicate small crescent 
However he might be it's always his presence that,
Marks the entire night's crescendo.
Bathing the city in his pearly moonlight,
Right from a small baby to an old man,
Enchanting each one of it's onlookers,
The moon creates a bond, 
He awakens an emotion so powerful. 
As he gracefully flaunts his centre stage position,
My mind can't help but wonder why 
He seems so near but yet is afar,
Why he's universal, yet feels like our own.
I think of the moon from each one's view,
Right from a poet's perspective 
To a space walker's eye
But the deeper I delve, the more that I ponder 
My mind just can't figure out so as to 
Why is every feeling connected to the moon so paradoxical?

-Mugdha Deshpande


Writing a long poem after a long time feels so good! This time I have used a different style, rather I’ve written this poem as a combination of the narrative as well as metaphorical style of writing. The girl in the poem symbolises each one of us and highlights how it is in human nature to get confused when you encounter an out-of-the-blue problem. But ultimately, what matters the most is not how befuddled you are, but how you overcome your problem by having faith, hope and the will to rise above the barrier. The quote ‘May the fireflies follow you where the butterflies do not’ inspired me to write this poem. So, read on!

Blue skies above her,
Springy grass beneath her toes,
Butterflies playing around, 
Surrounded by lush green meadows.
Her heart grinning broadly, 
No trace of any turmoil,
Sunshine kissing her beautiful face, 
As she trode on the soft soil.
With butterflies leading her way, 
And fluffy clouds overhead,
What could possibly go wrong?
Was all that her heart said.
But as she savoured her Dreamland, 
The sun started sinking down, 
And the smile that played on her lips, 
Was suddenly replaced by a frown.
Gone were the butterflies, 
Each rushed back to its home,
And this young, confused girl,
Was stranded all alone.

As the last rays of the sun,
Bid the earth adieu,
She was caught up in a frenzy,
Now what could she do?

Not a soul to guide her,
Pitch darkness all around,
But then quite suddenly, out of the blue
Her ears picked up a familiar sound.

Cautiously and carefully,
Yet stumbling all along,
She led herself in the darkness,
In pursuit of the song.

The spectacle in front of her eyes,
Made her cry aloud with happiness,
For she saw fireflies a hundred,
Who could guide her out of this mess.

With those small, alluring creatures,
The path ahead was bright,
All that she had to do,
Was to follow the light.

Slowly and steadily,
She figured her way out,
Her trust in those lights of hope,
Left no place for any doubt.

And then at a long last,
Her home drew near,
Her heart could have sang loudly,
Gone was all her fear.

How she marveled at the beauty,
Of these tiny, little beings,
But this escapade of hers,
Had taught her countless small things.

She learnt that life
Couldn’t be all about sunshine,
But however dark the night may be,
Things were bound to be fine.

She learnt the importance of
Being hopeful in life,
And so, she learnt one million lessons,
From those enchanting fireflies.

                                          -Mugdha Deshpande


While amidst nature, one derives inspiration from the smallest of things. They somehow compel you to introspect and you begin to find similarities between nature and human life. The more you delve, the more you realise that nature is an inseparable part of our life. In this poem, I’ve tried to use Metaphor to compare wildflowers to humans. It is based on the quote, ‘A flower never thinks of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.’ As William Blake rightly says, “To see the world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wildflower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour”, there are so many things to learn from even the minutest aspects of this universe. So read on and do let me know your thoughts about it in the comments section!

On a vast mossy stretch,
All around lush green,
A wildflower stood happy,
As if she was the queen.
In that huge sea of green,
Wildflowers all around,
Each one stood tall,
Yet embedded in the ground.
Here every flower bloomed,
In its own beautiful way,
Each of the pure souls,
Gathered every sunray.
Many as they might be,
None competed with the other,
Instead, thet found their way out,
By supporting one another.
No doubt they were tiny; but
They taught me something great:
To bloom, to grow and to smile,
Without worrying about fate.
Unparalleled was their beauty,
All danced with the breeze together,
And spellbound, I pondered upon;
What I’d learnt from a wildflower.

~Mugdha Deshpande


Have you ever experienced this feeling when there are a million thoughts in your head and you can’t figure out which ones to think about first? And then just when you are confused, some inspiration hits you suddenly and your thoughts start to fall in place one after the other? I have tried to put this feeling into words in this metaphorical poem in which I have compared ‘thoughts’ to a disarranged bundle of threads, first, and then later to a rich brocade fabric that consists of the earlier jumbled threads. So read on and do let me know what you feel about it!

In this little walnut of mine,

There’s a tangle of threads varied and fine,

Wrapped up together in one big bundle,

Each thread trying to make its way out of the jumble.

Vibrant as they might be, of every different shade,

Of blue and gold, silver and red,

Each one unique, no two are the same,

And yet they fit in the same beautiful frame.

Together the weave a fabric so rich,

All tangled threads fitting in without a hitch,

Forgotten long back are the confused heaps of thread,

As they fall magically in place into a brocade.

In this little walnut in our head,

These tangled threads are thoughts a hundred,

They stumble, they fall but get up nevertheless,

And in the end, they always fall in place.

The mind no longer remains a jumble of thoughts,

The coveted crystal clear clarity is finally sought.

~Mugdha Deshpande


Life is a melody of notes high and low,
Life is a symphony of happiness and sorrow.
Life is a book; each day is a new page,
Life is a story, that transitions with age.
Life is small, like a wild violet flower,
Life is vast, like a lush green bower.
Life is like a drive along the countryside,
Where every person has his own different ride.
At times, life is a dull rainy morn,
At times life makes you feel forlorn.
Sometimes life is bathed in dazzling sunshine,
Sometimes, life just needs some more time.
Life is the blood that gushes through veins,
Life is a horse having its own reins.
Life is a tree; leaves are shed and grown,
Life, it gives everyone a different crown.
Life is a river, where deep thoughts run,
Life is something that loves to have fun.
Life is an opportunity that has knocked your door,
Do make the most of it, right from your inner core.

~Mugdha Deshpande

Through the tunnel

A metaphorical poem telling you to believe in the fact that what you are facing at this moment is not going to last for a long time. Always think of the day when you will finally find the end to the tunnel that you have been travelling through. Fill yourself with the light that will shine when the tunnel opens up..
Let it run through your veins, let it fill your heart, let it be mirrored in your eyes.
Then, take a deep breath and keep on moving in pursuit of the light you have just imagined. You’ll find it waiting right there for you.
Read on!

Through the tunnel

You are a happy person enjoying life,
You don’t worry about grief or strife,
You go on on life’s happy road,
Admiring flowers as they come aboard.

Riding happily in nature’s lap,
You follow your own wild map,
Assured as you are that nothing can stop you,
You admire each place and even stop at a few.

And then suddenly out of the blue,
There comes a big tunnel that startles you.
You stop in your tracks wondering what to do,
Because you know that this path is traversed by few.

Most of them turn back at the sight,
But you, you think that you have got some might.
In a dual mind you finally decide,
To step into the tunnel, but at a steady stride.

With the first step inside,
Darkness envelops you from all sides
You get scared but you don’t want to admit,
You want the tunnel to end but you keep going through it.

With no lamp, no light at your hand,
It’s just the black rocks, soil and sand.
You somehow figure your way,
Assuring yourself that you’ll see the light of the day.

Once or twice, a thought strikes you,
What if this tunnel had no opening you knew?
But then, you remember words that say,
However dark it is, there’s always a way.

There might not be any light for you,
But a light has been ignited inside you.
With this, in mind you keep on going,
Now there’s no turning back, no stopping.

Then, suddenly, you see a light,
It’s dazzling, beautiful, blinding and bright.
You break into a run and dash towards it,
You bathe in it and savour it to the hilt.

You’re so glad that the tunnel is over,
Feeling dazed, you sit under a nearby bower.
There are pretty flowers all around,
There are tiny butterflies circling round.

You remember those times when you thought you couldn’t,
All those times when your mind just wouldn’t
Then you breathe completely, like a free person,
And you laugh delightedly, along with the sun.

~Mugdha Deshpande


A word due to which
the world practically thrives,
That which holds immense power to eliminate sorrows and strife.
They know it by the name of happiness..
As something that can overcome all the distress.
It lies in front of you,
And yet, its hard to find..
To seek what you call bliss,
You need nothing but a positive mind.
Many search for it, but
only a few actually create it..

It resides in simple things..
In the aroma of the soil after the rains,
In the cream on your coffee,
In the melody of your favourite song,
In the flower that blooms in your garden,
In the pages of a new book,
In the flight of a bird,
In the sky that paints itself at sunset,
In the fluffy white clouds and in the tiny wild flowers,
In the splash of paints, in the moody doodles.
Even inside your messy wardrobe,
Inside the pictures in your room,
Happiness accommodates itself,
And drives away the gloom.

It finds every nook and cranny of this world to make it its abode..
Happiness builds doors for us,
Doors that are meant to opened for discovering the beauty of life..
And what do we do?
We slam every door, we close it on its face,
And then keep on complaining that we are trapped inside..
Just think,
If you throw open the doors to happiness,
If you cross the threshold and enter into the world on the other side,
You can find what you were searching for
You can find happiness – right there- waiting for you to savour it to the hilt..

~ Mugdha Deshpande


This poem is a monologue of the lotus flower..a flower that blooms through mud. When you look at the lotus through a poetic angle, it seems so closely related to human read on!

You may bury me under the dirt,
You may cover me up with mud,
You may not give me enough to grow
And yet, I will bloom
It is difficult, no doubt,
To rise from the mud
To bloom for awaken
But above all those tough times,
I see the light of the dawn on the horizon..
And I wake up to feel that light.
I hear a hundred dissuading calls,
All urging me to stop,
But there is a fire ignited,
Deep in my heart.
And I go on to quieten that fire..
And then when I finally see those pure sun rays,
After overcoming all the hurdles
I spread my petals,
I gather the sunlight,
And bask in the pleasant morning glory..
And then I feel proud of myself
For having given a tough fight..
Its easy to fall back,
To let the mud cover you up..
It is very easy to give up
And turn your back
But it takes every ounce of courage
To face it, to deal with it
And not let it be the better of you..
It takes every bit of determination
To stay put, to fight back,
To come up..and to rise.
~Mugdha Deshpande

The Evergreen Diadem

It stood shining in the early summer sun,
Tall and mighty and yet so beautiful
That tree with all its leaves sprawled,
Was simply a sight to behold..
Its old trunk bore no sign of its age,
It looked as if it had a got a new life,
With a pleasant smile, it embraced the warmth..
Winter came with a chilly eye,
Cold sank down everywhere you could spy,
But that tree- it did not hide
It just stood there as always..
Even with all the snow around,
One could find solace looking at the tree
It still looked beautiful,
Covered delicately with snow,
With a pleasant smile, it embraced the frost..
Fall arrived in full splendour,
With a splash of yellow and a tinge of red,
That tree enchanted each of its onlookers
With a riot of colours and a confluence of hues,
The tree stood there firm, yet gentle
Serene yet happy..
With an impeccable tiara of colourful leaves,
With shades of foliage,
It was a visual treat
It was brimming with an aura that could fill you with warmth,
And with a pleasant smile, it embraced the fall..
I then pondered..
This tree remained just as it was in every single situation..
It stood rooted to the spot,
It let the winds blow,
It let the snow fall..
Without uttering a word of complain,
It looked beautiful..
It forgot the past,
Accepted the future..
Moved on with the world,
Without glancing backward..
It may not be green forever, 
But yet you could call it evergreen,
‘Cause it basked in the sunlight and bathed in the snow with the same happy face.
What if each one of us moved on..
Leaving all turmoil, washing all scars
What if all of us lived a new day everyday..
What if all of us- like that tree- had a different crown to wear for every single day..
Life would definitely bloom with colors,
With fragrance and bliss..
Everyone would enjoy life to its hilt,
If and only if we lived the day..

~Mugdha Deshpande


Today evening as I sat in my window,
Watching the empty streets,

listening to the sound of silence;
I suddenly heard a merry voice-
“Hey there! Feeling caged?”
Startled, I turned to the voice and saw a parrot,

calling happily.
I sighed happily, “ Yes perhaps, it has changed a lot.
My fantasies have met dead ends,

my dreams of enjoyment have shattered,
and here I am, trapped in my own cage.”
The parrot smiled- it literally did- and said:
“When you humans cage us not in our

but in your strange homes,
We feel helpless, desperate and yet, we can do nothing..
A mere puppet of your hands,

unable to spread our wings,
unable to fly..
When freedom turns its back on us,

Life becomes a confinement.”
“Today, when I see you,” I said,

“Spreading your wings more freely than usual,
the setting sun cradling you in its arms,
the colourful evening sky, encouraging you to dance..
I am envious of you dear small bird,
Pray, tell me how can I be one of you?”
Laughing, the small bird said,
“It has indeed changed a lot,

you enjoyed your life now we are enjoying ours.
This time I see you from the other side of the cage,
You are trapped instead of me, and now for once,

you are feeling our pain..
But in these trying times, you should not lose heart,
Do not keep crying, make the best of the hour..
For after every stormy night, there is a bright sunny day,
For after every dark tunnel,
there is an opening coming your way..”
With this, the parrot took off,
I marveled his stunning flight,
His message struck a chord with me
And I resolved that I would follow it with all my might..

-Mugdha Deshpande

This poem is for all those people who were longing to go out of their homes and could not, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. #LockdownPoems