Literary Worms and TSSN presents a Spotify podcast

Heyy guys! This month it’s something new and exciting that Literary Worms along with TSSN has come up with. Happy to bring to you a Spotify podcast on TSSN’s Spotify channel featuring a write up written by me. The Team translated it into Marathi and Hindi languages for the benefit of more people and then they recorded it!

The featurette is based on the topic – Paving pathways and shaping futures. In this, I have put forth my opinion about how the core subjects we learn in school, be it English, Maths, Science or History are catalytic for the all-round growth of a person and how they help us to become an all-encompassing entity. Even if these subjects do not find direct use in our work professions, they surely are the building blocks not only for one’s career but also for one’s personality development. So what are you waiting for! Tune in to Spotify and listen to the podcast! Do let me know your thoughts about it as always 🙂

Link for the podcast- Learn to Learn by TSSN

Now let me tell you more about what TSSN is and what work do they do.

TSSN or The Student’s Speaker Nexus is a platform that- as they rightly call it connects- aspiring students with inspiring speakers. Founded by Akshita Badkundri, a school mate of mine, TSSN is a unique platform that is benefitting many students. Choosing career paths can be difficult for students due to the expansion of career opportunities today. TSSN helps students to explore their own potential by arranging a number of lecture series by distinguished speakers and eminent personalities. So far they have arranged lectures conducted by Dr. Anand Deshpande, Founder of Persistent Systems, Vahbiz Bharucha, Captain of India’s Women Rugby Team, Dr. Salil Kulkarni, and many more people who are successful in their fields. In addition to this, they have also conducted lectures by students who have excelled in exams like JEE, NEET, SAT, KVPY and even design entrance exams. In addition to this, they have a number of mini series like ‘How to memorize better’, ‘Tell me why’ which are basically tips and tricks for effective studies. This has been really beneficial to students like us and even I have been an attendee at these sessions. The thing that I really like about TSSN is their way to connect to students and help them in every possible way they can. Kudos to the entire team at TSSN, you guys are doing a wonderful job out there!

A big thank you to Tanvee Ambekar, Podcast team head at TSSN, and her team Sanika, Abhinya and Anushree for their hard work and efforts that helped turning my write-up into a podcast. Also, a huge thank you to Akshita who has been reading articles at Literary Worms and who thought of featuring my write up on their channel. Without her, I wouldn’t have got this opportunity to put forth my thoughts on such an amazing platform!

I’m including links to TSSN’s website and Instagram channel. Do check it out and you can join the WhatsApp group for updates about their upcoming events. You’ll find the link to the group on their website.



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