The Evergreen Diadem

It stood shining in the early summer sun,
Tall and mighty and yet so beautiful
That tree with all its leaves sprawled,
Was simply a sight to behold..
Its old trunk bore no sign of its age,
It looked as if it had a got a new life,
With a pleasant smile, it embraced the warmth..
Winter came with a chilly eye,
Cold sank down everywhere you could spy,
But that tree- it did not hide
It just stood there as always..
Even with all the snow around,
One could find solace looking at the tree
It still looked beautiful,
Covered delicately with snow,
With a pleasant smile, it embraced the frost..
Fall arrived in full splendour,
With a splash of yellow and a tinge of red,
That tree enchanted each of its onlookers
With a riot of colours and a confluence of hues,
The tree stood there firm, yet gentle
Serene yet happy..
With an impeccable tiara of colourful leaves,
With shades of foliage,
It was a visual treat
It was brimming with an aura that could fill you with warmth,
And with a pleasant smile, it embraced the fall..
I then pondered..
This tree remained just as it was in every single situation..
It stood rooted to the spot,
It let the winds blow,
It let the snow fall..
Without uttering a word of complain,
It looked beautiful..
It forgot the past,
Accepted the future..
Moved on with the world,
Without glancing backward..
It may not be green forever, 
But yet you could call it evergreen,
‘Cause it basked in the sunlight and bathed in the snow with the same happy face.
What if each one of us moved on..
Leaving all turmoil, washing all scars
What if all of us lived a new day everyday..
What if all of us- like that tree- had a different crown to wear for every single day..
Life would definitely bloom with colors,
With fragrance and bliss..
Everyone would enjoy life to its hilt,
If and only if we lived the day..

~Mugdha Deshpande