As the sun bids adieu to all earthlings,
And Lady night spreads out her magnificent shawl
Sequin like stars stud the deep dark sky
And they twinkle mischievously from afar.
Then quite suddenly above the horizon,
One senses the arrival of yet another captivist 
Rising majestically, glowing brighter and brighter
The moon makes his grand entry
At times a full opaline white beauty, 
At times a delicate small crescent 
However he might be it's always his presence that,
Marks the entire night's crescendo.
Bathing the city in his pearly moonlight,
Right from a small baby to an old man,
Enchanting each one of it's onlookers,
The moon creates a bond, 
He awakens an emotion so powerful. 
As he gracefully flaunts his centre stage position,
My mind can't help but wonder why 
He seems so near but yet is afar,
Why he's universal, yet feels like our own.
I think of the moon from each one's view,
Right from a poet's perspective 
To a space walker's eye
But the deeper I delve, the more that I ponder 
My mind just can't figure out so as to 
Why is every feeling connected to the moon so paradoxical?

-Mugdha Deshpande