The Evergreen

As I sat home..the other day
It just struck me that it was just humans who were locked up..Nature remained as it was..evergreen as always
The flowers still bloomed..vibrant and tender..
They still danced with the sun..
They still sang with the wind..
The wild was still bustling with life..
Carefree and unhampered
The leaves still blossomed unaware of the troubles of the human world..
The trees continued to sway with the breeze..They still wore the crown of leaves
The mountains too stood mighty and tall
They did not hide or fall
The waves still caressed the shore..
The marine life was still enchanting
The river still flowed..calm and serene
As if it was telling everyone to remain strong..
Waterfalls were still milk white..
Dancing with tiny drops..refreshing and cool
The clouds still had their own different hues..
At times a fiery red
At times fluffy white..
The sun still rose.. everyday with a new stance
Everything in nature was just as it was..
It did not change at all..
All paths were people to tread on them
Nature was there with no one to discover it..
I then realized that we need nature, but it can do perfectly well without us..
And so It is we humans who can be locked up..nature is forever free!
~Mugdha Deshpande

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